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TrevorMc’s Travel Diary

Friday, 23 Nov 2007

Location: Copacabana - Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

MapToday we set off on our City (and I use that word very liberally…seriously..!!!) tour of Copacabana – it was really cool…behind the city there are the 14 crosses of the rosary …as part of the tour we climbed these and this was no gentle stroll up the hill…it was tough going…but made up there…How gud was I…I lit 2candles in the grotto for my family…GOOD CHRISTIAN BOY…THAT I AM..!!!!

Afterwards we went around the city and heard loads of interesting facts about the different areas around the city…the church, the tourist areas, the harbour, etc…the church is actually 7 churches inside one…its really important to the people and the huge big doors on the front depicts the background of their town, the origin of their patron saint and the pope making her into an international saint. After that was finished we walked around the markets and shops and picked up a few bits and bobs…back to the hotel for lunch and then to our bus to Cusco – the bus was abit cramped but it was grand…we got off at the Bolivian – Peruvian border and got it stamped to go out of Bolivia and then stamped going into Peru…we walked across the border…was kinda cool…lol..!!! Got the bus to Puno where we changed buses after a 20-30min wait we hopped onto this grotty old stinking bus where the windscreen and some of the side windows were being held together by Sellotape..!! It was crazy…an experience..!!!! ha ha ha…but of course myself and Therese were sitting together but of course down the front…right beside one of the windows that was broken and there wasn’t nothing short of a gale force wind coming through…it was FREEZING..!! and then of course it started raining..which led to hailstones….and they were coming in on top of us too…..CRAZY..!!! but the best and funniest part (or maybe then it was the worst part..!!) was when one of the employees (who shall I say was not completely there…!!!) decided to give us all a little south american song…well he tried not talking American Idol either…it was was more like a moan – no it was like a bag of cats being tortured…and THEN he goes around everyone with his hat looking for money…and we were all like “Eh no..!!!”. Well you can just imagine I didn’t sleep a wink with my day bag on my lap clinging to it for dear life and with the gale force wind coming in thru the window…it wasn’t the more enjoyable bus journey I have ever been on…..??!!!?? ha ha ha