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TrevorMc’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 24 Nov 2007

Location: Cusco, Peru

MapToday we just chilled out and walked around the town…it was actually a really nice town with loads of cool wee really cool…we went to this English café..the Real was fanstastic with loads of trashy mags and food..we were all v.happy…ha ha ha…afterwards we headed back to the hostel and met 2of the 7irish girls we met in Bolivia were there so we had great craic with them…we went out then to some niteclub…where this random Peruvian “Madam” propositioned me with one the her girls but had to let her down gently and told her that I was GAY (if it wasn’t obvious enough unless I was getting extremely butch since leavin Ireland…which I doubt very much…) the she propositioned me with one her boys…I told her I wasn’t in the mood and wanted to have nite out with my friends…so she told me and Ann she would protect us all from the other madams of the town, the locals and anyone she thought was dodgy….lol…CRAZY..!!! I always attract the crazies…!! After a while we left her and found the other girls…had a great nite after that…!!!