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TrevorMc’s Travel Diary

Monday, 26 Nov 2007

Location: Cusco, Peru

Map26 - 29 November
Woke up this morning feeling just as bad, if not worse….tried drinking water, etc..had the worst taste in my mouth..ended up asking the hostel to call a doctor cos felt like complete crap…doctor finally arrived and took me to the hospital with samonella poisoning and dehydration…ended up stayin in hospital for 3days being pumped of a whole load of I really don’t know what through a drip….the god damn cheap drip that they were using had to be changed 3times cos it kept coming out…I was black and blue with it..i looked like a crack head…not pretty at all..!!!! The nurses were lovely and for some reason thought I was cute and prob straight again..god I must be really butch now..!!! by the 3rd day I had to leave…I just couldn’t take it any more…so asked to be checked out and get the bill with all the drugs I had got…they BA*TARDS charged me for the 4th day cos I didn’t check out before 11…$2,315 I nearly fell when I got the bill…so thank god my insurance company got the bill…ha ha ha…but of course the insurance co wouldn’t confirm anything at all so it was all up in the air…so that didn’t help but all gud I hope… back to Cusco and met Ann..booked our train and my alternative trip of Machu Pichu… while I was in hospital Antoinette had texted me to get out of my bed and get back to them cos they had 5gay guys on their tour…so was even more pissed off when the doctor highly recommended that I didn’t go on the inca trail…