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TrevorMc’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 01 Dec 2007

Location: Cusco / Aguas Calientes, Peru

MapToday we were up at 4.50am ready for our guided tour of Machu Pichu…it was all drizzly rain and very overcast but we were assured that it would be all gone within an hour or so…well got our bus to MP and it was still drizzly horrible weather…the guide was even positive that it would be all gone very soon…we picked up the rest of our group along the way. The guide was fantastic and explained everything so clear about the different ruins and what they had meant to and what they would have been used for…he was great cos he was trying to keep us all really upbeat even through the rain/misty/cloudy scenery…but the rain was making us want to go back to the hostel and dry off but we had to try and make the most of what we were there for and that was the amazing ruins that were only discovered not that long ago…compared to some of the wonders of the world….every so often it would clear to some degree but of course this wouldn’t last long at all… it was such a pity cos when it was clear you could really see what he talking about…I must admit the tour was really cool and learnt loads but of course don’t remember any of it now…ha ha ha 

At the end myself and Ann were drenched through with standing and walking through all the rain for about so we decided to head back to the hostel and we would meet the girls when they got down...all we had to wait for now was the bus… when the bus finally arrived and arrived back at the hostel…I gave it a shot to ask if the girls had arrived and they were in their room for the last 30-45mins…so we all piled into their room and had to get all the goss and news from them since they did the 3day Inca Trail aswell as MP… While I was in the hospital being completely blindedly ripped off (gud tip for south America – try not get sick…ha ha ha) Antoinette had texted me to get out of my bed and get back to them cos they had 5gay guys on their tour and I was missing it all… wanted to hear all about it...they did have a fantastic time and it was really tough going but well worth it…when we all went downstairs for lunch all their fellow Inca Trailers was there – really cool bunch and I would say I would have had an amazing time..cos I love all that kind of stuff but what can ya do now….  The girls didn’t see MP either properlyso they had decided to go back up after lunch (cos they were sure that it would be all clear…) and sure enough it had started to clear around 11.30-12 and by the time they went up it was gorgeous clear blue skies but I hadn’t the energy…and my stomach was still at me…just felt like said I would get their pictures….that nite everyone of us were in bed gud and early…