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TrevorMc’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 05 Dec 2007

Location: Lima, Chile

MapToday we were up at about 6.15am for our 7am pickup by taxi to go to Ica then for a cambio (I think…!!) a tax car…kinda…to get to Nasca…took about 2hrs but there and checked in for our flights over the nasca lines….unfortunately the planes (if you could call them that…they were that small…they were more like flying tin cans…) could only take 3people at a time…so I didn’t mind and went with another couple…I was up sitting beside the pilot and I thought the buggy ride was a mad rollercoaster but this plane journey took the biscuit….ha ha ha…this ride was more stomach renching cos its like flying around in a tin can and any bit of wind at all you can feel the plane going with it….it was amazing but not for the faint stomached…!!! Ha ha ha..but I must admit the pilot was really really gud and was well able to handle the plane…and made every manoeuvre so that we could see the lines as best we could…I must admit it was amazing to see but it was so hot in that plane so I don’t think il be doing any long haul flights in that kind of…

Afterwards got our bags, got our bus to Lima….that was an experience and a half as the air conditioning wasn’t working at all and the attendant wouldn’t allow us to open any of the windows…so we just did anyway…ha ha ha..finally got there and just chilled for the rest of the night…

As we were only going to be there for a few days…we just chilled out and relaxed..had some nice dinners out and a few drinks here and there….it was great to just chill out and relax as I was getting kinda nervous about finally after all this time arriving in Australia…I left for Oz on 7th and arrived on 10th around 7am…..