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kimandhannah’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 06 Jan 2008

Location: Hat Ton Sai, Thailand

MapHi all!

Soooooooo sorry about the lack of updates! We've been absolutly on top of our heads since leaving Cambodia. Between meeting new people and doing crazy things, we haven't had a second to ourselves. Not complaining though. We've made some unforgettable friends and done some unforgettable (stupid) things so its all good. But now's the time when I fill you in on all of it...

We headed into Southern Laos early December and went straight up to Vientiane. Very pretty capital, but not much to do. So we went further northa gain to a little village called Vang Vieng and thats where the party started (and hasn't really stopped since!). Vang Vieng is a backpackers haven, possibly due to the wonderful creation of "tubing". This involves sitting in a rubber tyre (the inner of a tractor tyre) and floating down the river (some tributary of the Mekong that I can't remember the name of). No no no, it not quite that easy going. There have been about 5 purpose built bars set up along the river bank which have built HUGE ope swings and zip-lines over the river. Basically, you get absolutly sloshed and then swing out about 25 ft over the river and let go... You know what happens when you hit the water from 25ft? You get a big bruise on the inside of your thigh!

It WAS in Vang Vieng that we met some of our best friends yet. A group of about 8 of us ended up tubing, travelling and partying together as far north a Luang Prabang. Saw the most incredible waterfalls (water was bloody freezing mind you, so it was a nice reminder of home!) and then we all had to go our separate ways. Kim and I headed south for our Xmas in Bangkok, where we met James (he went to Chaing Mai from Luang Prabang, but we didn't have the time as Kim was doing a cooking class) and his friends... Not much of a Christmas though (I guess you get that with Buddism, aye!), had lamb chops and creme brulee! After a couple of days in Bangkok, we headed further south again, to the island of Koh tao where we both did a 4 day diving course... Yuh huh, we're qualified scuba divers now! Doing the course we made even more friends who we are now travelling with as far as Malaysia. That pretty much brings us to the present, here in Ton Sai, which is a peninsula just on the way to the island of Phi Phi on the west coast.

Phew... Well, thats it, really... We're preparing ourselves for a return to the normal life in Sydney when we arrive in just over 3 weeks and I promise, we'll put up photos (we have 3 countries to catch up on now!).

Hope all is well at home, and soooooo sorry for not updating more... Bigger effort over the next little while!