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Hannah’s Travel Diary

Monday, 15 Oct 2007

Location: Nairobi, Kenya


Well, my trip here is finally over :-( I am currently in an internet cafe in Nairobi airport killing some time before I have to board my plane home and am extremely sad to be leaving this country. I can easily say this has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life, it completely exceeded my expectations in every way and I have made a conscious decision to come back here for a holiday as soon as I can.

The time at the Walk and with the children and families has been amazing. I have some positive news to feedback about Ester, another family on the slum are going to feed her and her sisters with the food we are going to provide on a weekly basis. There is such a sense of community within the slum, all the families look out for each other and even though they have very little they are willing to share what they do have.

What has also made this experience so exceptional has been the time spent with the other volunteers, we have become extremely close to the people we lived with in Alex's house. For our last weekened we did a road trip to Naivasha and it was the perfect end to our time here. On Friday night we took Alex and Patricia out for a meal in Nakuru, we had such a laugh with them and it was hilarious to hear about their observations of all the volunteers living in their house (alex can do a wicked impression of the boys!) We really have built a good relationship with Alex and Patricia which has been so important to us, particularly as our support of the Walk Centre is long-term.

Carolyn and I then got up early on Saturday morning to go 45 minutes in the car with Nick to the equator. At the equator you pay 200 shillings (about 1 pound 70) to see a water test, it was amazing. If you walk about 20 metres from the equator point and pour some water in a funnel into a pot, the water goes in a clockwise direction one side of the equator and anti-clockwise the other side (demonstrated by putting a blade of grass in the water). At the point of the equator the water goes straight down (the blade of grass stays completely still). Awesome! We then went quickly to the Thompson falls, another breathtaking viewpoint of a huge waterfall. We then got back quickly to Nakuru for some shopping!! We have all got brilliant at bartering in the markets, it is quite addictive really! No Mzungu prices for us!

On Sunday the boys and us rented a car from Alex's friend and drove to Naivasha. What an experience driving on the local roads, it was like driving on the beach with a million vehicles! We went to the floating restaurant which was absolutely beautiful, and then took a boat out onto lake Naivasha and got extremely close to Hippos! The highlight of the evening was driving back to the lodge and coming face to face with giraffes in the road. They got startled by a dog and came charging at our car, we all panicked but then they stopped right at the headlights and then passed us right by the window. Absolutely amazing!

Yesterday we went exploring around Naivasha in the car and came across every luxurious restaurant and hotel possible. It was a complete contrast to what we had experienced in Nakuru. We then went to Nairobi last night to hook up with Rachel's friend Kat and had the most beautiful Ethiopian food I have had since I have been here.

Right, I have to go and board my flight now. I will upload the remaining photos when I'm back in the UK. See you all soon!

Hannah xx