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Tomi+Angi’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 18 Oct 2007


Here we are again,now from Bolivia from a good place for internet:) It is funny because it is said this is one of the poorest country in South America... we will see during the nest two weeks here. We are in Copacabana at the moment a small town by the Lake Titicaca. It is a fantastic place 3200m above the see!!! It is hard to move:)))
We have visited some small swimming island today,it is amazing as well, these people live on these island and has a very calm,easy life with tourist everywhere who pays for everything... We have bougth few things as well:)))

Tomorrow is the lake again but from the Bolivian side with some real islands.

Last night we spent in Puno still in Peru,I liked it really,not very expensive and very nice Hotel. The town is very nice as well.

Peru looks very poor sometimes but this Puno was all right, I am so sorry for these people but we can not do anything. We try to enjoy every day we have here. The taxi is funny, very old cars and you always have to ask for the half price what they say ay the begining. It is the same with the accomodation and the suvenires as well.

The sun is always shining, we got burnt a bit,but who cares:)))
This is our seventh day I think so we have a lot in fornt of us!!! Luckily:)))