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Tomi+Angi’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 27 Oct 2007

MapHello from the Jungle...

We are in Rurrenabaque,which is a small village full of turists. This place is ideal for jungle and pampa tours as well,so that is why it has become very popular and a bit expensive as well. Anyway we did a jungle tour last two days and it was really fantastric. One of the most exciting thing in my life... except that we had a night walk as well full of spiders around us. I really hate spiders,really-really... The place where we slept was good and clean but of course everywhere bugs. We had a thing (do not no the english name) around us to protect from the animals. I have to say it was not a problem I have slept well after all day walking and looking for pigs and parrots and other amazing animals and plants.
The guide was a fantastic local man, knows everything about the jungle... found us really everything what was possible to show.
A local woman cooked for us and it was one of the most delicious food I have had here!

I will wite more about our first 3days trek as well later, it was an inka trail, very long and difficult but now I have to say it worth to do things like this!!!