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Tomi+Angi’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 01 Nov 2007

MapI am here again, now from Cuzco, which is the main point for everybody on the way to MACHU PICHU... We have two days here and finally relax a bit, we really need it after the long journey in the jungle and pamapas... It was tiring even it was hundred% oranized, so no worries we just had to enjoy:))) and we did...

Cuzco is aan amazing place again, it was the centre of the Inka Empire, but after the Spanish occupation it was partly destroyed, like every Inka City. All the Spanish buildings and churches are on Ikna founding so we can still see some part of the old city. Huge stone buildings but the top is Spanish colonial.

The cathedral is beautiful with tonnes of silve and gold inside. The Spanish were very successful here it is one of the strongest chatolic place in the world.

See you later...