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Tomi+Angi’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 06 Nov 2007

We have just arrived back to Cusco from the 4days Machu Picchu inca trail. It was wonderful and long, we are very tired today. We had to get up every day at 5:30, today at 4:50:(( It was terrible. We had to be at the sun-gate before sun-rise. The problem was that even all three days the weather was perfect, this last morning was cloudy and rainy:(( We were disappointed after 1,5hours very fast walking up to the gate to have a good place and at the end we coludn't see anything...
Luckily, around 9,the clouds disappeared and finally the all amazing place was in front of us!!!
Tomas went back to the gate so we have the famous pictures as well:)) (I wasn't able to...) Anyway it was one of the most beautiful place I have ever seen... You will see the pictures,but of course it is not enough...

First day wasn't too difficult, short walk to the first camp, which was in a garden of a local family. It was nice,but as usual in Peru, the toilet is awful... We had porters of course, but almost as only we two carried our rucksacs. The others ordered extra porters from the 2nd day. We were real heroes:))) Maybe the porters more:))) They had 25kg on their back!!! Incredible,but they were really running almost all way!!! They look approx. 20years older than they are, very hard job.

Second day was the most difficult, from 3000m to 4200m! The first part is still all right then it starts to be steeper and steeper... till the top of the mountain-the dead woman's gate... after this we had to go down approx. 600m till the second campsite. It was a hard but short day, so around 3 we were already at the camp, free afternoon:)))

Third day is the nicest, real inca trail! Lot of archeological sites, beautiful everything... The sun was shining we had a long walk, all day but I think it was the best day before the end. It is great to be on these roads which were built thousand year ago and still in a very good condition. We have learnt a lot from our guide-just for the two of us:) he is a young guy, from Cusco.

Last day is as I have written, after the gate we had to walk down to the centre and spent the all day there. Back to Cusco by train and now a nice hot shower is waiting for us. Tomorrow evening we are going back to La Paz and later to Potosi (silver mine).

See you...