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Tomi+Angi’s Travel Diary

Monday, 19 Nov 2007

we are in hurry again,I do not like it really,but we have no time to lose. We are in the middle of Chile and we have only a bit more than two weeks which is unbeliavable. We have tasted some very good wine today in Santa Cruz which is a small town but a very good wine region.
Last few days in Chile we did Santiago which has a real city as in anywhere in Europe. Few of the buildings are high as in New York. We will see in few days...
The life is easy but a bit expensive, the same as home... not in the UK but in Hungary:))) so still all right but everything is so good... so many good food and drink and we have to taste everything.
Today we are going further to South - Lake District. I will let you now about is,because it is one of the famoust part of Chile... just like in Great Britain...