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Tomi+Angi’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 01 Apr 2009

Location: Hungary

MapHello everybody!
Here I am again putting my first entry to this new diary.
Please try to ignore my old entries from South America, I didn't want to delete them. However, it is the beginning of a new journey to Turkey, Syria, Iran, Armenia and Georgia. It starts in Budapest :)

We are going by train from Budapest to Istanbul and spend there 2 days. We are travelling by Balkan Express, the journey will take 38 hours, so I will have some time to learn Turkish :) The train will go through Serbia, Bulgaria and will arrive to Istanbul on Sunday morning.
I am going to try and use internet regularly but as usual I cannot promise anything. It is the same with the pictures, you should find few every time I will be able to upload some onto this page.
We are still waiting for the Iranian visa, but will hopefully get it on Friday morning, a real last minute :) Our train is leaving at 11pm.

That is it for today and please don’t forget to send us some messages and keep us up to date about yourself…