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Tomi+Angi’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 12 Apr 2009

Location: Kas, Turkey

MapHello again, this time from Kas, which is a typical fishermen village and has a great atmosphere, especıally today because there is football goıng on Galata Seraı is playing :) This year there is a Czech player, Baros with then, so Tomas wanted to watch ıt as well... at least I have time to write...

We spent few hours ın a place called Kütalhya, because it had Hungarian relation. One of our revolutıoner from the 19th century spent 2years here in a nice house given by the Turkısh state. It ıs also famous from ıts beautiful tiles.

As I mentioned, we took a 3days trek, from Olü Denız to Alınca. The trek called Lycian way is very famous, one of the nicest in the world. We didn't walk all the way, just a part of it but it was really amazing. You can see really everything during these 3 days - sea, beach, forest, cliffs, mountains... We had our rocksacks what made it a bit difficult but even I managed it. Hopefully I burnt some kilos finally:)

Yesterday we arrived to Patara after a bus journey and some hitchhike and had a really nice pension and a delicious dinner. Patara has a wonderful sandy beach and deep blue water with ancient monuments/ruins around it... breathtaking again...

This morning we had few hours by the sea and then took the bus to Kaş. Tomorrow we are goıng to try sea kayakıng!!!
I will let you know soon how ıt went:)))