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Tomi+Angi’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 15 Apr 2009

Location: Konya, Turkey

MapHello from Konya!
We have few hours until our bus is leaving to Göreme (small but very famous village in Cappadocia). We are going to stay there for few days before we leave Turkey and spend 3-4 days ın Syrıa.

This time I would like to write few words about our life here in Turkey, maybe it will be interesting how we feel here. First of all, yes it is a bit expensive for backpackers but if you are careful and try to negotiate, it is not impossible to survive with relatively low budget. The life and people are great and there is such a friendly atmosphere almost everywhere that we often forget that we are not at home.
Everything is clean (maybe cleaner than at home...) and people like talking to you just for fun. They always ask where is our home, if we are married and all sort of questions what we do not always understand:)
Food is amazing but sometimes really expensive and they do not write the prices everywhere so we have to ask before we order something. I really like Ayran which is joghurt with water but very good and healthy!
We usually travel by bus or local bus, called Dolmus - again the price is changing all the time, depending on the driver, the weather or anything ;)
Accommodation (clean,small room, private bathroom) for 30-40lira, usually with breakfast... so far...

Oh yes - sea kayaking was unforgetable!!!

Have a nice day....