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Tomi+Angi’s Travel Diary

Friday, 17 Apr 2009

Location: Güzelyurt, Turkey

we are still in Cappadocia but further South in a small and very strange (for me at least) town. Cappadocia is famous for it's churches from the 12th, 13th century which were built in the rocks and even people lıved in "houses" which were cut into these rocks... you can google it if you want...
We started our trip ın Göreme one of the famous place to see these special rocks. We stayed in a cave hotel called Coco :) It was really wierd but definitely interesting experience. Yesterday we slept in Mustafapasa and today we visted one of the underground cities and few more churches around this town.
We were hitchhiking from Mustafapasa (about 80km) and had some really nice experience with Turkish people and their friendliness. First one was a truckdriver who dıd not speak a word in English but we had really nice journey and "conversation" with hım, next one was a family (father,mother,son) but the parents were really old and really cute. Especially the old lady who looked lıke my grandmother and looked us so nıcely... we even got some special Turkish sweet from her! Tomas could practice his German with the man.
The weather is extreme today we had snow!!!!! It ıs too early to be here... at least 2 weeks...

Next trip is the Ihlara valley tomorrow then slowly down to Antakya and to Syria.