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Tomi+Angi’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 25 Apr 2009

Location: Antep, Turkey

MapHello friends from Turkey again - this time Gazyantep.
Syria was amazing but we were in a hurry again because we had only 3days to see Latakia (where we had friends and a great time with them), Damaskus and Aleppo. We have to go back there because we didn't see just a small part of it.
Every city is thousands years old and the people want to speak with us everywhere. Just few words usually and we have/get big smile and big welcome everywhere. I really like arabic people. Girls are nice as well and they try to have few words with me and sometimes they ask me for a picture together. I bought few really nice scarfs and I have to wear it in the mosques. In Iran I will have to wear all the time.
Food is so good and we try to taste everything. We won't lose any kilos like this:(
We are going East now and in 5days we should cross the border to Iran...