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Tomi+Angi’s Travel Diary

Monday, 27 Apr 2009

Location: Turkey

MapHello from the Iranian border,
we are very very close and wanted to cross the border today but it was too late when we arrived to Dogubayazıt. It is a really small town and looks quite poor as well but we have found a nice hotel with an amazing view to mountain Ararat. The sky is clear but it is cold here we are above the see level as well at least 1500m. The mountains around us are coverd by snow. It really beautiful again.
Last few days we were in a hurry again there were so many things to see and visit. Today morning we arrived to lake Van after a night journey (7hours) and went to the nearest island called Akdamar with a wonderful Armenian church on it. You will see the pictures...
Anyway it is really time to leave Turkey now (or should I say Kurdisthan) because last few days we had a bad feeling that people were cheating us. We had to pay ridiculous amounts sometimes.
Tomas started to be really angry with the local youngsters/gangsters - too many disturbing questions.
Next time hopefully from Iran...