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Tomi+Angi’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 29 Apr 2009

Location: Tabriz, Iran

MapHello from Iran!
Hmmm, here we are and this is our first day in the city of Tabriz and I feel like in a circus but unfortunately I am the attraction... the women are in balck, long coat and scarf and look really serious. You can imagine how I look with my smile even if I really try not look and not to smile. It is very hard for me :))) I hope it will change soon or I won't really like Iran. In Turkey or Syria I never had this feeling.
We have lot of plans and lot of travelling so I do not know how I will manage with internet and this one is also very slow, so I can not put pictures :((( I wanted to send you few.
Our last days in Turkey were busy as well but we saw some amazing places again. The lake Van in unforgetable with the island
Yesterday we visited Isah Pasa palace not far from the Ararat mountain. Ararat looks like Kilimanjaro, huge and beautiful.
Tomas is having problems with his camera, hopefully won't be a serious problem because here is not easy to find help.
We are fine anyway, sometimes a bit tired mainly because of the long bus journies. In Iran we will travel by train as well which should be more confortable.
We will stop in few places before Tehran and I will try to write...
Have a lovely day and send me a big smile because I really need it here!!!