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Tomi+Angi’s Travel Diary

Monday, 11 May 2009

Location: Shiraz, Iran

MapHello everybody!
I am so sorry but here in Iran it is very hard to find a place where the internet is fast and I can write. We have 5 more days here and now I can say I know much more about the country and the people even I am still quite far from it to understand everything.
There so many great and friendly people here and I can say I have friends here after 2 weeks!!!
Yes, about the smile :) I just have to start and then they answer with an even bigger! Women are the best under their big black scarf/veil... they always try to speak with me but of course it is very hard - never mind we can usually understand eachother:)
The weather is getting really hot here and I have my black coat all the time and the scarf on my head... crazy...
We are moving North from today and will finish in Tabriz again. Maybe will try to buy a carpet:))) last money...
I wish I could come back but I have bad memories as well, I will tell once I am back.
Have a great week and enjoy the sun without a coat:)))