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Tomi+Angi’s Travel Diary

Friday, 22 May 2009

Location: Yerevan, Armenia

MapHello again from Yerevan city!
I can't believe, this is the first time I have quite a lot of time on internet and it is fast as well! Unfortunately I haven't got my cable to the camera so no photos... sorry... I will really try and put a lot soon, I promise.
Now you have to read again :) I can not believe but we have only two weeks left, next Friday we are back to Hungary!
Here is still same super, I feel like home, really! Only big difference is the language, it is really strange here with Russian, but they like it, so let it be. Luckily we both can read Russian without it you are almost as lost as in Iran :) ok... a bit better.
We have quite a nice colour now, thanks to the very nice, sunny weather here and the long walks in the countryside. I think finally I have lost some kilos as well :))) maybe more in Iran becauase without the possibility to use card, we had to have enough cash with us for the all trip. It was scary to have the money in our pocket all the time and we did not have enough either, so we had to be on really low budget. However, I would like to go back once, especially if they change their strickt system and will be a little bit more flexible. We have few friends there now and I know that for them it would very complicated and expensive to come to Europe (just imagine they need visa to every country they want to visit!).
Ok, have a very good weekend!