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Tomi+Angi’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Location: Vanadzor, Armenia

MapHello again!
We are in a big hurry as usual to manage to arrive to Istanbul on time but the weather is not very nice (wet and cold) so we prefer to have indoor programes. Today we had a long (10km) walk but we got really soaking wet and got lost then missed the last bus as well... Tomas and his plans... not always working well...
Anyway we are here and it is bit better to sit here in the warm room ;) We are waiting for the dinner at the guesthouse.
Dilidjan was a very nice place but Armenians don't come just if the weather is nice and it wasn't this time. It is very green with lot of forests and hills. We visited two more churches, one is hidden in the forest but unfortunately under reconstruction so the pictures won't be too nice.
Yesterday we had a nice dinner and with the other guest from France, Ukraine and Switcherland continued with a bottle of Armenian cognac. It was a great evening changing our experiences and opinions about the country and people. Cognac is very famous here, one of the best called Ararat (the most important place for an Armenian, which is in Turkey at the moment...) The border with Turkey is closed and they can not visit the mountain but can see from many places (from Yerevan as well). Armenian people are very religious and go to church regularly. For instance when we visited the monastery in Gerhardt it was just the same day when students finished secondary school. All of them visit a famous church to say thank you for their success. It is a nice tradition.
If everything goes well we will be in Georgia tomorrow. It won’t be easy because we lost some time today and there are few more places we would like to see here around tomorrow. In a week we have to be on the train to Budapest!!!