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Clare’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 01 Nov 2007

Location: Maputo, Mozambique

MapHey Everyone!!

After recovering from the trauma of losing the World Cup final I have been able to bring myself to communicate once more to the western world. (Helene I promise never, ever to bring up the France - Argentina match)

We''ve been on the road now for a little while and I've finally been able to get to an internet cafe to update the much talked bout blog.... We're in Maputo, the captial of Mozambique on the indian ocean coast and finally in some sun and warmth.

We started in Cape Town 10 days ago with a little tour down to the Cape of Good Hope (yes I have a picture but can't upload them here as my lead is locked in the truck - will try to add the pictures when we get to the beach tomorrow in Tofo) which was great, we saw whales frolicking in the surf and wild Ostrichs and Zebra in the national park. The next day we trucked off to the wine region and stayed overnight in Stellenbosch, of course it would have been rude not to visit a vineyard where I purchased a rather fine bottle of Port which we are working our way through after dinner in the evenings!

After Stellenbosch we had a number of days on the road trucking through South Africa, up the garden route, across the little Karoo and up into the Veld where we saw Spoonbills, Secretary birds, Widowbirds with their long black tails and every cow seemed to be accompanied by a little white Egret as it grazed. We also visited an Ostrich farm and drove by Antelope farms where we scared off all the little Springboks and Impala with our big orange, noisy truck!

We got to Lesotho and the trip properly began, we did a brilliant pony trek up hill and down dale and really got to see the amazing scenery of the little country (Jane I used the Arnica and did not ache one little bit!). It was cold though, very cold and dare I say it - rainy! So the next day when we left and headed into Natal to Rorke's drift, we were delighted to find some gorgeous sunny weather... Rorke's Drift is the Anglo-Zulu battlefield made famous by the film Zulu and we had a brilliant little tour around the site from a young Zulu guy who really brought it to life... just need to see the actual film now! After Natal it was into Swaziland where we stayed at a game lodge in Milwane Nat. Park. There are no carnivores (apart from Crocodiles) so we could explore on foot and saw tons of Warthogs, Antelope, Crocodiles and Hippos! To be fair we really only saw the nostrils of the hippos as they flared them just above the water line, but we were all duly excited!

The border crossing into Mozambique was an experience, but we're now here in Maputo which is a great little city, very portuguese with tons of slightly dilapidated art deco buildings. Thnigs look to be on the up here though and we head off tomorrow up the coast to Tofo and then onto Vilankulos for some beach time and diving.

The gang in the truck are great - a real mix of ages, nationalities and backgrounds but its all going well and we're all looking forward to some chillout time over the next week as we work our way through Mozambique. No illness as yet - we have a Zimbabwean cook who is great and is serving up fantastic meals from the truck so we're eating like kings! Oh and Mum - no wooing as yet, willy nilly or otherwise!

Congrats Dave and Shelly on your new little girl and glad the party was a stormer Lucy!

Hope to update again soon with the pictures!