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Clare’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 04 Jun 2008

Location: Saigon, Vietnam

MapSo we've made it down the Saigon all the way down the length of Vietnam and tomorrow we leave to head into the Mekong Delta on a boat trip which will take us all the way across the Cambodia border as far as Phnom Pehn.

Saigon isn't as interesting visually as Hanoi in the north, but it has its own charm and is a big bustling city with lots going on - more like Bangkok than anywhere else we've been. We did a pretty interesting day sightseeing yesterday, highlights included the War Remnants Museum - designed to show both the historic and lingering effects the war has had on the participants (foreign & domestic). There were some pretty horrific sights to see. We also really enjoyed looking around the Reunification Palace (previously the presidential Palace of South Vietnam) it has been left/restored to exactly the condition it was found in when the North Vietnamese tanks burst through the gates in 1975. There are bunkers, living quarters, banquet halls and reception rooms and its really fascinating to get to see it. These things are usually still in use in a country so you don't get to see them - but its a monument to the reunification of the country here and a big attraction.

Sorry - some idiot just turned off my computer as I had just finished a massive entry to get me up to date to where we are now and I can't muster the energy to sit here for another hour and write it all again. The auto save has only saved this far so I'll have to do it later when we get to Cambodia... see you all soon...