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Clare’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 24 Aug 2008

Location: Australia

MapHi everyone!

Sorry entries and pictures have been so sporadic of late, am beginning to realise my travelling is drawing to a close as I start to set up life here in Sydney and know I need to get everything up to date on this site first.

Am hoping to to pictures before I head off to NZ on wednesday to start my journey home and will blog more fully to let you know what I got up to down in Melbourne tomorrow.

Am transfixed by the end of the Olympics (even though its tough to find coverage not featuring Australia) but am concerned that Australian news has reported that the handover to the UK at the end of the closing ceremony will feature David Beckham on the top of a London Bus kicking balls into the crowd while Jimmy Paige (Led Zeppelin) plays 'Stairway to Heaven'. God help us.