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Clare’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 02 Sep 2008

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

MapWell, this is it, my last day of backpacking...

My last two days in Auckland have been suprisingly good, I got a free opportunity to jump off the Sky Tower here in Auckland yesterday - you'll see it in all my pictures of the city, its quite high! and this morning I finished my trip in style with a cruise around the harbour on a 1995 America's Cup yacht, taking the helm and scudding along at over 10 knots blew the cobwebs out, thats for sure! I have just been for a slap-up feast at the Auckland Fish Market and am just writing this update before I go to get the Airport Bus to really start my journey home.

I'm not sure how to sum it all up really, it doesn't seem real that this is the end yet. Its been amazing obviously and I can't say how happy I am to have been able to do all these things this year. I've visited 20 countries and circumnavigated the globe, I've watched Whales breach in the Southern Ocean, woven a silk scarf in Laos, rafted the Zambezi, woken to a view of the highest point on Earth, walked with Lions, maintained Noble Silence for 10 days, hiked in the land of Dragons, shared a meal with a Mewari goatherd, bungeed in the shadow of Victoria Falls, witnessed the frustration of the displaced Tibetan nation in Dharamsala and the dying days of an ancient monarchy in Nepal, dived with Dolphins and Manta Rays in Indonensia, camped on Desert Islands, chugged through the Mekong Delta, flown over the 12 Apostles, thrown myself off the tallest structure in the Southern Hemisphere, been gored by a Holy Cow in Agra, danced all tribal in the Okavango Delta, smelt the burning ghats of Varanasi, explored the wonders of Angkor, walked in Buddha's footsteps and watched a Tiger emerge from the jungle in the morning gloom. Not bad for 319 days.

So, this is it folks - sign off time. Thanks for reading and leaving me all the messages and hopefully I'll be seeing you all soon for a proper catch-up. At least if you've been following the blog you won't have to sit through any photo sessions!

Its been a pleasure,

Goodnight & Good Luck,

Clare xx