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Hil and Heidi’s Travel Diary

Monday, 24 Sep 2007

Location: Xela, Guatemala

MapViva Xela! I made it via LA, where I sat in a bar for 3 hours with 4 guys headed to Nicaragua who were searching for some wave they had heard of. I guess in search of the Endless Summer and from what I could gather they are kind of a big deal in the surfing world. Then onto Guatemala city for a 4 hour bus ride to Xela (Qeutzaltenango) which was beautiful and all I could deduce was that they must have a competitive advantage in corrigated metal and corn. There are corn fields growing on every incline possible.
School today was a brain overload of Spanish vocabulary but I guess that is the best way to learn. The fellow students seem fun and I can´t wait to start wandering and discovering this place. Tomorrow we are all volunteering with kids up in the mountains and of course, more Spanish.
Buenos Dias!!