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Hil and Heidi’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 25 Sep 2007

Location: Xela

MapI experienced my first drive-by-ass-grab today so I can say that I have offically arrived in Guatemala. I hear that it happens once or so every 2 weeks and you just deal with it and walk away. Very interesting. I guess it´s sketchy but from what I´ve heard that is the worst you will find during the day.
This afternoon I was supposed to go Volunteer in an after school program just out of town but it was cancelled so a few of us walked around and enjoyed delicious cafe con leche. Coffee is consumed here like water. My family drinks it constantly.
The parque central is beautiful with amazing old, massive cathedrals and buildings. I took pictures but haven´t found a good computer with a USB dock yet.
School is going so fast. I worked on conjugating verbs today so now I can finally form some sentences and I don´t communicate in Spanglish or sign language anymore (well to a certain extent).
There is a lot of...I go. I walk. I drink. I guess you could say that I have mastered the two word sentences. ha