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Hil and Heidi’s Travel Diary

Friday, 28 Sep 2007

MapI just stumbled into what is turning out to be the internet/cafe hangout for the school after the most amazing hike up to saunas that are headed from moutain vapors. They basically carved out rooms around the vents and voila...saunas. But the hike up there was what blew my mind. The sky was full of dark thunderheads with rays of sun shining through and lighting up different fields and craggy mountains. I have pictures but there isn´t an place to upload here so that will have to wait till Monday.
Yesterday my teaher and I hung out in the Parque Central most of the morning and experieced the Festejos en hone a la virgin del Rosario. All the Catholic schools in town (probably up to 20) were represented by bands who encirlced the square and played all morning.
In the afternoon we went to a hot spring, about 30 minutes by chicken bus and pickups from Xela, that was like entering Jurassic Park.. I know that sounds cheesy but it´s really the most accurate way to describe it. We soaked for probably an hour. It started to pour towards the end which kicked up a lot of steam, creating a very intimate and surreal environment. I loved it. We all had a bonding moment. haha
I did do some volunteering the other day. I hiked up to a tiny school house above the city and played some futbal with the kids. They were tiny, spoke great English, kicked my ass in futbal and lived in what barely passes for a shelter. Pretty incredible.
So that is all for now. I need to head home for some dinner and then I´m headed out to enjoy some Cuban music and drink the local cerveza, Gallo. I hear it´s similar to miller light.
I´m learning the language but slowly. I retain weird stuff but I guess a little is something.
And to finish it off...Carlos Pena won the first Latin American Idol last night which was terribly exciting in my household and we ran outside into the street to lite fireworks. Carlos is from Guatemala and beat out some Mexican.