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Hil and Heidi’s Travel Diary

Monday, 01 Oct 2007

Location: Xela

A few important lessons that I learned this weekend are as follows:
1: Traveling hungover in a chicken bus is hell.
2: Guatemalan water parks are seriously amazing.
3: Beer by the liter is brilliant.
4. Riding in Juan Pablo´s (son of Xela´s mayor) car is like a video game.
5. Tamales con pollo and pupusas are delicious.

A bunch of us checked out a few of the local watering holes that attracted a lot of gringos and locals alike. Walking around here after dark is kind of sketchy so a few of my friends: Will (from England), Jeff (from Canada) and Hzhojor?? (from Croatia) were my personal escorts. So yes, Mom and Dad, I am making good decisions. haha But we hit up some good Cuban music and then went to the disco, Kokolocos. You can order beer here by the liter, similar to by the pitcher in Burlington, which makes for a great deal and better conversation somehow. Kokoloco played some classic hiphop from back in the day so we had a good laugh over all of those.
Saturday I went to a market about an hour out of town, Totonicopan, where we walked by stall after stall of crap. I was hoping for more of an artisan market but saw only cheap plastic items and a lot of raw food that smelled. It makes one wonder where it comes from and who buys it all, because I saw very few purchases. Michael, a fellow student who has traveled all over Asia and South America, said that in every culture he has experienced there are markets similar to this one. It´s really quite depressing.
Sunday we went to a water park. Yes, it´s true. I was a skeptic at first but was blown away by how sick this place was. They had more slides than we could get to in a day and they were all awesome. It was built to look like the Mayan ruins in Tikal with lots of great landscaping and structures. I wore surf shorts so that I didn´t ruin the bottom of my suit which caused major uproar so we had to get permission by a park administrator for me to go on the slides. I guess they only want to see women with as little on as possible.
Heidi gets here in less than a week!!! I posted a few pictures so check those out.