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Hil and Heidi’s Travel Diary

Friday, 05 Oct 2007

Location: Guatemala

MapThe rain started coming down in sheets just after lunch so I have deposited myself in an internet cafe for some cafe con leche and digging into a new book. I have found that 5 hours of Spanish in the morning is enough for an entire day, due to a large headache of information overload. I started working on the preterit (the past) thus bringing new challenges and longer sentences. I feel as if my english is getting worse. ha
Heidi is coming tomorrow which is very exciting. It will be nice to have a partner in crime.
My time in Guatemala is almost half over. I have learned from listening to fellow travelers and researching the wonders of this sometimes violent but beautiful country that I could stay for an extra month no problem. They say, ´eat your ticket home and keep wondering´. That is the motto of other gringos down here and of the ever rambling Kerouac who has recently enlightened me in ´Dharma Bums´. There is Tikal (mayan ruins), Semuc Champey (an underwater river with numerous caves) and the many volanoes that are waiting to be climbed. All are calling my name. I am in school 5 days a week and a weekend would never be enough to really explore these areas. I spent a week trying to finnagle a trip to Tikal over a long weekend but it´s so much traveling for so little time to really explore and enjoy the place. We would travel in armed night buses but in the past few weeks they have been, in all honeslty, that scares the hell out of me. I am currently undergoing a personal lesson of how much I will listen to my brain versus thrill of the adventure. And I´m not sure if I´m drawn a conclusion as to whether or not I need to return and navigate the wilds of Guatemala. They say these spots can´t be missed but what others are waiting in other places.
I guess the reality of the situation is that I do have a ticket out of here and I´m going to use it. I´m excited to hit the surf in Costa Rica and catch some sun.
I know this has all been really random. I am putting up a few new pictures so enjoy. I saw the oldest church in Central America (1524) built by the Spaniards and my friends of my family´s weaving.