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Hil and Heidi’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 10 Oct 2007

Location: Guatemala

MapI jus added in some new pics from over the weekend and one from my bday (my mom likes to have a token picture on my birthday since I never seem to be around for it). A few of us hiked up a nearby inactive volcano called, La Muela, which was a blast. The elevation kicked our butts and for most of the hike we were scrambling up jagged rocks which made for some hilarious slips and falls. Michael and I tried to loosen up with a little yoga at the top and then proceeded to snack on chocolate muffins, yum. I still must say that pb and j´s are he best snack for the summit of any mountain. We had beautiful views, as you can see, and a beer at the end tasted fanastic.
My birthday was a rather soggy day so we decided to hunker down and watch a movie in a room that could have been any high school basement hangout from the 90´s. We treated ourselves to the classic, ´Weekend at Bernie´s´ which is apparently amazing if one only watches it every ten years or so. I had an ice cream with Kahlua and a mojito in place for a cake and enjoyed every minute of both.
I have also switched teachers this week and have found a new motivation for studying. I realize now that my first, very nice but very new teacher didn´t really know how to approach a total beginner. But now I am getting homework exercises, being forced to talk much more and I finally feel like I can convey my needs. Woohoo.
Heidi is here!!! I was lucky to have her arrive before my birthday so that she could grace us with her one-of-a-kind movie watching skills..... laughing very loudly and hysterically at any joke in an entire movie. I had forgotten.
My back is also feeling fantastic because we both love recieving massages...Heidi is the massage queen.