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Hil and Heidi’s Travel Diary

Monday, 15 Oct 2007

Location: Guatemala

MapToday is Monday and we leave Xela on Friday! We are more than ready to pack up the packs and hit the road. The weather has finally come around here but as the Costa Rica looms we can't help not too start counting the days before we hit the beaches and jungles. Friday morning we are busing east to Antigua to spend an afternoon walking around the city, spending the night and then heading to Guatemala City early Sat. to catch our flight south. Woohoo!!
Classes this week are once again great for me and Heidi finally has a teacher who teaches and doesn't want to play tic tac toe all day or flash her flashcards at her (a task she has mastered on her own). So she will be talking up a storm by Thursday and with both of our skills combined plus some sign language we should do great.
Take care. Hope all is well up North. I'm missing that gorgeous fall weather but hey, I'm in Guate!!