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Jen and Jan’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 03 Oct 2007

Location: Lima, Peru

MapHola amigos...we´ve put on a lot of miles, all by foot. and now they stink..We have spent the last few days sticking out like sore thumbs, touring around Historical downtown Lima, browsing thru many many many shops, and dodging maniac drivers.

So far we´ve learned this:
-meat is pink
-Beer is tasty, and can be purchased in any convenience or grocery store
-police are everywhere, and don´t do a hell of a lot.
-houses do not have front yards, only gated walls, and every house is connected
-buses think they are cars, and pedestrians never have the right of way, and we´ve heard enough car horns in the last two days to last us a life time.
-everyone here is in love (public displays of affection...EVERYWHERE) no wonder there is 8 million people in this city

Tomorrow we are onto a new destination (ica,Peru), we´ll keep yáll updated! Very excited, thanks for the messages, keep em comin!