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Jen and Jan’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 10 Oct 2007

Location: Cusco, Peru

MapHey all, so we´ve been in cusco for the last three days get acclimatized to the altitude of the ol andes. our hostel is at 3400 meters above sea level so even if we were the fittest cats around we´d still be a huffin and a puffin. And the streets are the size a sidewalk so we´re afraid we are going to get a side mirror up the bum one of these days...
The last set of photos was from Nasca where we saw the Nasca lines from small airplanes, they are a prominent archiological site here in Peru. Went on a small tour where we saw water filtration systems from incan times and a small collection of skulls and bones from the tombs within the mountains.
Monday night we hopped on a bus to begin our 15 hour journey to cusco. We tried to sleep but the roads were windier than the rockies times about a million, they almost ejected us from our seats. Combined with some little Peruvian kid screaming his head off, the bus company trying to cook us with heat, dust and dirt coming in the windows from the mountains and Will Smith movies in spanish (no sub titles)..made for a bus ride.
So now in cusco, we´ve been shopping our buns off, and getting pumped for MACHU PICCHU! We are on our way Thurs at 5´45 am and will be back on Sun night searching for the best masseuse in Cusco I´m sure.
Wish us luck, we´ll chat at ya´s in a few days.