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Jen and Jan’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 21 Oct 2007

Location: Puno, Peru

MapHey guys, last city in country today. Yesterday we stayed in Puno which is located on the Northern tip of Lake Titicaca (the highest lake in the world) Look at all these records we are setting. It borders Peru and Bolivia, and has floating islands on it, which we visited on a boat trip. These people actually build floating islands made out of dirt, grass and many cross hatched layers of lake reeds. which they also eat..if they have a fight with their neighbor out comes the saw and they can float their part of the island away...if only it were so easy in Canada.

In Puno we had our own apartment like hostel, TV and all, with English speaking channels..yay..FRIENDS even came on. Treated ourselves to a bag of Doritos, some chips ahoy and a nice lazy night watching the blockbuster hit..nine months...crap movie, but hey we re not complaining...and we arent losers, everything was closed because of a National Peruvian census today..but we would have pigged out and watched the movie anyways I suppose.

Very excited for the next leg of the journey, however it is starting to go very fast...2 months left exactly, as of yesterday....yeesh.