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Jen and Jan’s Travel Diary

Friday, 09 Nov 2007

Location: Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

MapPlans changed since our last little entry...we are already in Salvador, Brazil...We took a bus to Santa Cruz, Bolivia in hopes that we could take the train to the Brazil border...but it was all booked up. We were then frustrated, hot and sweaty and just wanted to get to Brazil the quickest way we cabbed to the airport and booked a flight to Salvador (stopping in Campo Grade and Sao Paulo, Brazil)....but we had to wait in the airport for 12 hours!!! Felt like Tom Hanks in that airport movie...many games of cards were played but we toughed it out.

Salvador is very African American influenced.....we kind of feel like we are in Jamaica or something. There is a music festival with bongos, guitars, flutes, etc right outside our hostel right now. It will take us a bit to get used to people...and new language (just when we were getting the hang of Spanish). But we are staying in Salvador for a couple of days, may check out this island across the way sometime...but the world is our oyster....plans may change again.

O and just to add...every man is dark, has a body of a God and walk around glistening with their shirts off all day...mmm