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Jen and Jan’s Travel Diary

Friday, 23 Nov 2007

Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

MapTodo Bang..(hey what's up)..RIO baby, the city of girls from Ipanema, Carnaval, Lola and her Cabana, JC lookin out for, love and o transvestites. This city has it all...and its also one of the most beautiful cities we have ever travelled to.

So we got here on Tuesday after a long and smelly bus ride (19 hours and for some reason it smelt like the toilet) but was rewarded with being able to meet up with our Irish friends that we left in Bolivia (Deb and Laura). Our hostel is in Copacabana and the famous beach is just steps away. Of course we walked the strip, enjoyed a coconut, ate some street meat and watched people (its amazing how not modest men in tighty whitey speedos can be LOL)

We ve checked out some of the sights..Copacabana and Ipanema beaches, a cable car tour up to Sugar Loaf mountain for spectacular panoramic views of the city, and of course to the top of Corcovado to hang out with Jesus himself (although he did stand 130 feet above us)...and of course we visited a shopping mall...we had to splurge a little and get some clothes to go out in. One last night out on the town with our friends before we head to Iquazu Falls on Saturday (ugh 23 hour bus ride..why do they do this to us)

Rio is a very cool city. A great way to end off Brazil and we've enjoyed our time really once you've seen Jesus how do you beat that...