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Jen and Jan’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 29 Nov 2007

Location: Rosario, Argentina

MapWE GOT ROBBED! Ok it wasnt that dramatic, but we did get our bags rummaged through while we were sleeping on the bus on our way to Rosario. The buggers even got through our locks, but thankfully they did not steal anything TOO important (Jen´s IPOD charger, battery charger and all of her hygeine products, and Jans speakers..and her bath towel..creepy) Not the end of the world, but it put us in a crabby mood yesterday morning...however that changed quickly when we discovered what a beautiful city Rosario is. It was even voted Argentina´s best city.

It is very historical. We visited a monument where the first flag of Argentina was flown, and the man that designed it was buried. The city is full of beautiful old buildings, churches and museums. We edumacated ourselves in one of the more modern Historical museums, as well as enjoyed an afternoon on the river beach. It feels a bit like Saskatoon actually.

Back on a bus to Buenos Aires..look for new improved Jen and Jan as the braids are coming out and we are getting haircuts!!!yay. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH we are coming home in 3 weeks today...yeesh!