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Jen and Jan’s Travel Diary

Monday, 10 Dec 2007

Location: Valparaiso, Chile

MapWe´re in Chile, it isnt chilly and we are trying our darnest just to try and find some Chili..haha just so we can say that!

Anywho, we´ve been in Chile for the last two days. We started off with a 3 hour wait at the Chilean border at 2am with a bunch of people who don´t speak what a ball of fun. We arrived in Santiago early in the morning, in time for a siesta (nap), in our North American hostel...we swear everyone was from the was kind of weird not having to point and say no intiendo all the time!! After we were refreshed we explored the city, did some shopping, and bought ingredients to actually cook a meal..the funds are getting low!!

We also discovered that Jen has been getting bitten by bed bugs, and they swell and puss, and she looks great!! She seems to be transporting them with her, as she wakes up with new ones for us to look at. Keeps us entertained most mornings at breakfast...

Now we are in Valparaiso, a port city in the Pacific Ocean. We are off to the beach today, hopefully we will be able to jump in the water as we havent been in the Pacific yet on this trip.

The 10 day count down is on...we are excited to see you all..snow meh not so much!! ciao x