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Jen and Jan’s Travel Diary

Friday, 14 Dec 2007

Location: La Serena/Iquique, Chile

MapSo basically we have been living one night on a bus and one night in a hostel..back and forth. From our last entry we visited a place called La Serena, although it wasn´t that Serene. It was cold and cloudy and our hostel man was kind of a poop. We did however get to go to this very cool Observatory as Chiliean skies are an astronamers dream...clear 300 some odd days a year, little light pollution and high altitude in the Andes. We got to see the moon (craters and all), some different constellations as well as some very clustered galaxies...very cool!! We sereiously learnt more in a few hours than all of our school science classes collectively.

Now we are in a city called Iquique (I-kee-kay). It took us a month to learn how to pronounce it properly....we are much happier here. Our hostel is right across from the beach, its sunny and hot, and we have the coolest huge sand dunes as our backdrop..couldn´t ask for much more.

This morning we went paragliding off those giant sand mountains. Basically we get strapped to a little Chilean dude and run off the mountain and let the wind carry us around for a half hour. We had beautiful views of the city, the coast line and the other dunes. We even landed right on the beach amongst the soccer players and sunbathers....we were a pretty big deal!! For the rest of the day we lazed on the beach, the Pacific ocean is still a little ¨chile¨but Jen braved it for a quick dip anyways...Jan was lazy!

Tomorrow we are off to our last stop in Chile, a little surf town named Arica...just 20 minutes south of the Peruvian border. Can´t believe we are on our last week, time flies when your havin fun!! See you all soon! xo from the J´s