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Jen and Jan’s Travel Diary

Monday, 17 Dec 2007

Location: Arica, Chile

MapArrived in Arica on Saturday, another city right smack dab in the middle of sand dunes and the ocean. We are staying at a ¨party hostel¨...thought it would be a good place to end off our days in Chile. So we did it up well last night, partying until the early morning hours....There was some live entertainment with balloons andsparkles falling from the cieling...and of course we proceeded to have a sparkle fight at the bar so we have been shedding sparkles all day, they just won´t come off... so we look liek we have gold lice in our hair...people look at us in disgust..haha!

Loving our last lazy days on the beach as we have no money left to do anything else. We did hike up a sand mountain today to the old battle grounds of the war between Peru and Chile in 1880... interesting site with an incredible view of the Arica. There was also a big statue of Jesus overlooking the city as will...they sure love their statues in SA. We checked out a museum to see some old mummies, textiles, fabrics and how the people lived in the desert when...

Well gang this will be our last entry from Chile...heading off to Lima, Peru tomorrow. Should be quite the adventure....hopping on a bus, going over the border, then taking a taxi somewhere and then hopping on our last bus from Tacna to Lima...this all should take about 20 hours...looking forward to it.