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Jenn’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 30 Sep 2007

Location: Mokpo, Korea (South)

MapWell well...
as promised I am trying to keep this up to date!!! Though I still have yet to figure out how to put photos up, but really the fact that I've managed to set up a blog is give me time on the rest of it!! haha!
We just finished celebrating Cheusok (which is Korean thanksgiving) and we got a full 5 day weekend...woohoo!! it was amazing! So some of the Way-bleep-s (which is apparently the Korean term for us "English kids") and I went to Busan for a vacation. It was a 5 hour journey and after a little sweat and frustration we got there. We met up with 7 others from closer to Seoul, so there was a HUGE group...and only 4 were not from crazy is that!!!
Busan is the 2nd largest city in S. Korea having almost 2 mill. people, much bigger than Mokpo. It is Koreas largest seaport...has 2 (well maybe more, but I only visited 2) beaches and lots of resturants/bars/shopping!!! The weather was terrible...we only had one sunny day, plus the sunny day that we LEFT on! GAH! But we used the sunny day to our advantage sunning on the beach and on the rainy days went bowling and to the aqaurium. Did lots of walking around exploring the markets....they are so cool. Lots of fish and nasty looking things from the sea...but sooo neat to look at and take in all the "lovely" smells (YUCK!) I managed to wrangle 2 others into visiting a temple with me. The temple we went to see was called Beomeosa Temple, founded in 678..that is OLD!!! It is one of Korea's Great 5 Temples!! It was amazing...and we were there in time to see 2 monks have a drum ceremony, it was awesome...they beat this giant drum, it sounded unreal!!! I am so glad I went to visit was so amazing to see all the carvings and paintings in the buildings. I can`t believe how beautiful it all was. I also can`t believe we made it there and back, because it was no where near our hostel and up in the mountains!! OH OUR HOSTEL...was not a was a hotel...well, it was called a hostel, but i`ve stayed in hotels that weren`t this nice...and it was so inexpensive (which when you are still paying off a student loan is KEY!!) So despite the weather Busan was lovely. (we even managed to sneak in an Outback Steakhouse dinner!! haha...they had lots of western food there!)
Today I went to my first Korean wedding! It was pretty neat. I think I might have made more of a spectacle then the bride at first though!! I think this `white girl`threw everyone for a loop!! It was neat gifts are given, only $. Everyone eats before the ceremony. Then we went up stairs (it was in a hotel) and sat at more tables with a bigger buffet. This was an all you can eat wedding...which was amazing!! (so glad i wore a loose fitting dress!!) Everyone just sat and ate during the whole ceremony...which was wierd, plus the table in front of us had far too many bottles of soju, and got nice and rowdy (at 12 noon!) so they were pretty much shouting at eachother across the table for the whole thing. I would have lost it if i was the bride!!! Ah well...guess that`s the way it goes! The moms and many of the older women were in traditional Korean dress...they looked so lovely. Their dresses are so colourful and made with this wonderful silk...they are gorgeous! That part was really cool...but i still can`t get over how much food there blew my mind...and made me quite happy because i`m fairly sure I won`t have to eat for a week!!!
Well i`m off to lie down...i`ve eaten far too much and my body doesn`t quite know how to handle it!!!
Till next time...
love love love