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Jenn’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 18 Dec 2007

Location: Mokpo, Korea (South)


I have been terrible at keeping this up to date...I never claimed to be a great writer!! haha...but I will try to update everyone as much as possible...even though I can hardly remember where I left off...
In terms of school (or I guess work)...
We had our school festival which was a great English kids put on a production of Cinderella (script written by yours truly!) The principle thought it would be a great idea to include me IN the cast...I make quite the fairy godmother I'll have you know!! This month school has been quite busy...working with MJ is still challenging, and I do have some days where I feel like jumping out a window...but this is definitely a learning experience. She doesn't really like to vary from the curriculum; in the sense where even if the kids don't understand, we must go on because we have to complete the unit. Next week she is gone on a I'm really excited to have some fun with the kids, have a movie day with some popcorn, play some fun games using our vocab...that sort of thing!!! Tomorrow I get the day off...gotta love a country that gets the whole day off just to vote! woohoo!!
Been on a couple more teacher most recent fear factor eating moment was last week...when I ate a LIVE crab...snappers and all!! (they were only about the size of a loonie, but still creepy and crawly!!!) Went to a dinner for UNESCO (which I continue to forget what it means, but essentially it's about different nations coming together and making relationships!!) At the dinner, there were 22 different countries represented. Canada was well represented, until the talent part of the night happened...our version of an unpractised Silent Night and Rudolph was BRUTAL compared to the Korean Fan Dance, a beautiful girl from India doing a traditional dance, a quartet from China that would compete with the four tenors! They also had a wonderful buffet....there was so much food; these people know how to throw a buffet! It ended up being a full-contact sport trying to get your plate full though...I got body checked by some womenís child that was strapped to her back...the kids head literally had bruises on it, fairly sure I was not the first person she had used his head to push people out of her way with!!
Iíve had some neat travelling experiences...
I went once again to Incheon to visit my friend Kylie...along with my Brock crew, we had quite the time. I went into Seoul the other weekend to do some needed Christmas shopping. Seoul is giant!! I still have yet to cover even half of it, but went to a couple different cities and explored the sites and shopping! One of my roommates from Brock, Julie, had been here for the past 2 years moved back to Korea again! Sheís living in Busan (which will be amazing in the summer) and we were able to meet up while I was in Seoul. She is such an awesome girl, so Iím so glad that weíll be able to get together from time to time.
Not sure if you had all heard but there was a big oil spill here in Taean (about an hour south of Seoul)...a Hong Kong tanker collided with a barge and its being called Koreaís worst ever oil spill and the country is claiming a state of disaster. I was lucky enough to become involved in a Korean Environmental group, along with 11 other way-bleep-s (foreigners!) and we spent last Saturday cleaning rocks off with old rags. Sporting oh-so-attractive rubber overalls with boots attached we sat along one of the best beaches in South Korea covered in oil. The whole country has really rallied together to help clean it up. I was working along with 70 year old women sitting next to me, rags in hand. It was a really neat and eye-opening experience.
Santa Clause is coming...
Christmas is soon...and I cannot wait! I am so sad that I wonít be able to join my family in Vermont though...GRRR!! Iím lucky enough to have met some great friends who also wonít be able to join their families, so Iíll have lots of company! This weekend a bunch of friends are getting together at my girlfriend Andreaís house...itís potluck time!! On Christmas day Iím travelling to Jindo to visit my friends Lisa, Lesley & Morgan and having a Christmas feast! Canít wait! Iíve received cards and loved them all!! (thank you Grandma and Grandpa & Nana and Gramps...AND Mark and Sally, though that little gift is KILLING ME cause I canít open it yet!! Grrrr!!! )
Another thing Iím lucky for this year is the chance to come home just after Christmas. Iíll be heading home on the 29th of Dec. and will be home until the 15th of Jan. Then Iím off to Vancouver to spend some time with Gramps & Nana, Uncle David & Aunt Janice, and hopefully Aunt Sharon, Terry and the boys!! Then Iím off to visit with Sandy, Brian, Roscoe & Maggie and see all the sites that it has to offer me!!! I CANíT WAIT!!!
Anyways, I am so excited to see as many of you as I can while Iím back in town...and if not I want to send you all lots of love for Christmas!! Wishing you all the merriest of Christmasí and a wonderful new year.
I will TRY to keep this up to date much better come the new year!!!
love love love
until next time...
*Jenn* xoxo