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Ellie’s Travel Diary

Friday, 09 Nov 2007

Location: Brisbane, Australia

MapWe have arrived in Brisbane today and im happy to report that the weather is much better up here. We have checked in to a new hostel which is really nice so no more scary pics of me on a bunk!

We went to the Sydney Opera House last night to see a ballet called 'Destiny'. Now James and i would like to think of ourselves as cultured but after last nights saga i dont think thats the case. There i was thinking, how romantic and how amazing the performance was going to be, oh how wrong was i. Firstly our seats were so far up that we had vertigo just getting to them and then james fely queezy just sitting in his seat. Secondly, the dancers were very talented but it was soooo boring we nearly fell asleep and no joke we probably would have had we not have been sudffering from frost bite at the time!

As i said we are in Brisbane for a couple of days now and will post some more pics just as soon as i find something to take them of....