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Ellie’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 18 Nov 2007

Location: Hervey Bay, Australia

MapHi All

We are in Hervey Bay at the moment, which is about 4 houirs up the coast from Brisbane.

We have just come back from our trip to Fraser Island. We went along with 8 other people in a 4x4 for 2 nights and 3 days. Its was amazing, the island is mad of mainly sand and fresh water lakes.

We camped and made all our food around a camp fire thingie, i felt like a rale traveller and i even own my own sleeping bag now (it is pikn though, i have to remain true to my girlie routes!)

I had a lovely birthday on the island and even had a birthday cake with candles and happy birthday sang to me in English, German and French! Oh and i wold like to say thank you to everyone who wrote on Facebook, here or sent me texts, they all made the homesick i was feeling a little less.

Something else which put a smile on my face is that on 15 Novemebr i became an Aunty to an amazingly beautiful little girl named Holly Grace Newland. I have seen the photos and can confirm that my good looks have definately been passed on......

We are off up the coast tonight on a 13 hour coah ride over night to take us up to the Great Barrier Reef.

Will load photos of Fraser Island shortly, in the meantime check out the photos of Noosa!

lots of love