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Ellie’s Travel Diary

Monday, 26 Nov 2007

Location: Wellington, New Zealand

MapWe finally made it to New Zealand in the early hours of saturday morning. We stayed saturday night in Auckland, i much prefer it to Australia! It reminds me a lot more ike England but with better scenery and weather.

On Saturday night James bought us tickets to see Justin Timberlake in concert for my birthday present. Its was amazing and our seats were really good, right in front of the stage. The only annoying thing was that we had a girl sat behid us who complained to the steward that we were standing up and she couldnt see (she was still sat down). To think we were standing at a concert!!!!Shock horror!!! My reply to her was that if she wanted to sit down she should have gone to the cinema!

We got on the Overlander down to Wellington early on sunday morning and Darren (my bro) picked us up from the train station after a 10 hour trip!

After much anticipation i have finally met my little niece and she is absolutely beautiful, really tiny and cute. She has bright blue eyes and blonde hair (and some impressive lungs!!! :))

We are staying with my bro and sister in law and Holly whilst we are in Wellington which is really nice as its a bit of luxury for us what with fluffy towels, plasma tv, comfy leather sofa's and home cooked meals!

Im not sure what we are up to over the next couple of days but we are thinking of going up to Lake Taupo, which is meant to be beautiful, oh and me and James (well mainly James) are cooking Greek Lamb Stew for everyone tomorrow night......will let you know how it goes.