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Ellie’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 12 Dec 2007

Location: Denarau Villas, Fiji

MapWell we are definately in paradise here....

When we got off the plane the weather just hit us....i had read that it was the rainy season and a cyclone had just passed so i thought i was going to have to brace myself for the worst. Definately not! The weather is in the mid 30's and the sky doesnt have a cloud to be seen.

The main island of Nadi, where we flew in, reminds me a lot of Kenya in that it is plain to see that many people live in poor conditions. I was a bit worried until we took a side turning off and drove on to a seperate island called Denarau Island which has all the spa resorts located on it. The island is lush and green and generally very beautiful.

Our hotel is amazing, it is like what you see on tv advertising places for honeymooners. Our room is lovely and there is an infinity pool right on the ocean and other pools located throughout the resort. There is 18 restaurants and a massive golf course.

Last night we had our dinner on the beach which was great. And the people here are so friendly, even people just in the street who arent being paid by the hotel to be nice. At first i was scared as when we were in the taxi someine passing on foot said "Bula" through the window which scared me as i automatically thought he was starting on us when in actual fact he was saying welcome!!! I think that shows something about England maybe.

We have one more night here in Fiji and then tomorrow we are flying to LA......

Sadie - me a moaning minnie? Never!!!! Textme your number or email it and i will try and ring you on the weekend. Lots of love

Craner(Laura)- Cool well we will definately see each other before you head off and i was thinkin i could come down one weekend and you can take me out and to Primark!!! We are going to LA first and then to Las Vegas, Death Valley, Yosemite Park, San Fran (for xmas)and then NY for New Year.

Nan- hey nanny, not sure if you will get this so can some one (emma or mum or someone) tell her i have sent her a message. Just wanted to say hi and that im having a brill time and looking after myself. Took loads of pics of Holly and will print them off for you when i get back....shes so lush and getting bigger so quickly. I was actually quite sad to leave them all and told Darren i have made my mind up and he must come back to England to live. Dont think he was having any of it.

Mum- is all ok, i have text you a couple of times and had no reply! I will try and ring you tomorrow sometime and will defo text in the meantime. Love you loads and missing you mummy. Oh and hows the tree holding up?

Kj - Hey hun,really glad to hear Mike is getting better. Is he back at home with his mum now then? Have you started the bar job yet and how is teaching going, whats the brats like? take carexxxx

over and out everyonexxx