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Ellie’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 20 Dec 2007

Location: Bakersfield, USA

MapUpon request from the Craners, here is another update....

So the last time i wrote we were in Fiji. From Fiji we had a 10 hour flight to LA. We had 3 days in LA, which i think we both felt was enough. Everyone bangs on about LA but well frankly its not how you see it on GMTV. For the most part LA was dirty and rough. There were nice bits like Rodeo drive and Beverley Hills but unless you are minted you have to make do with the rough bits. Saying all that, we did have a nice time. We did a day sightseeing tour on an open top bus and went to the Kodak Theatre, Chinese Theatre, saw the Hollywood sign, went to the farmers market at the Grove and Rodeo Drive.

From LA we picked up a car and drove to Las Vegas, which i thought was great. James was there last year so i dont think he was as impressed as me. For all those who havent been, it was like being on a film set all of the time. We did a lot shopping at the Malls and visited a few of the main hotels and casinos on the strip. My fav was the Ventian which has a canal running through the hotel and had Gondola rides. Oh and another highlight was the Luxor all you can eat buffet.....yum yum.

After 3 days in Vegas (staying at Hooters!!!) we drove to Death Valley where we satyed for one night. The scenery was pretty breath takin! We are currently in a small town called Bakersfield for one night before hitting the roa again tomorrow to Yosemite.

We are staying in Yosemite National Park for 2 days and then drving to San Fransisco ready for Xmas and then onto to New York for New York...

Speak soon,

Ho Ho Ho Merry