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Belinda and Erwin’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 21 Nov 2007

Location: Vietnam

Well we made it safely to Ho Chi Minh City (although everyone here still calls it Saigon).
We arrived in peak hour traffic, it took us 50min to go 7 KM it took 20 years off our life......... Oh my god scooters, buses and cars everywhere. Traffic lights but no one takes any notice. Crossing the road is like extreme sports. There is no way to explain the crazyness and the huge courage and leap of faith it takes just to cross a road here. Millions of people live here and they all ride a scooter at the same time during peak hour traffic. There is nothing you can not carry on a scooter. A family of 4 (including new born baby) and a dog, work equipment, another scooter, a full length plateglass door, keg all this while talking on a mobile phone and without a helmet.

HCMC included shopping, shopping, walking and more walking from 9AM until 10PM. We went to the water puppets, Erwin was very impressed with the local drummer and his kit....... amazing what you can do with a wine barrel.

Today we went to the Mekon Delta, it was an amazing day. We travelled for 2 hours the incredible contradictions where one family lives in a mansion right next door to a thatched shack.

We went on a boat trip down the river, through some local villages and markets, Belinda even helped paddle down the river and got thumbs up from the locals.

Check out our lunch with our photos.

For our work colleagues we will be posting a series of "gnoming in Vietnam" so check them out as well. Unfortunately the kidnapped gnome has a broken hand and some sores on his back so he is in bed at home but should return somewhat better. We have however taken his mate instead.